Sample Wedding Invitation SMS

Here is a list of sample wedding invitation text messages, just copy and paste into the message box to send to your guest. Replace the placeholders {Date}, {Venue} etc with the actual information.


We cordially invite you to the wedding ceremony of our daughter on {Date} in {Venue} from {Time}. Join us in celebrating this beautiful relationship which started in college fest and is now taking its next big step.


We invite you to our wedding as we take the next big step in our relationship and commit ourselves in a marvellous wedding. We would appreciate your presence and blessings wholeheartedly.


Because our love is the greatest thing we have in life, we have decided to become a single person through marriage. So we invite you to share with us this special day.


Because we want all the people we love to share our union, we invite you to our marriage.


Because we want you to be participants of our love and happiness, we invite you to be part of our big day: our wedding.


We have decided to take a big step that will lead to absolute happiness. Therefore, we invite you to share the day of our marriage.


We have waited for this great day, the day of our marriage. So come and join us and enjoy our happiness.


On this special day when the priest would declare us husband and wife, our lives will change because we will henceforth be one. So come and join us in this special moment.


We invite you to our wedding because it is our sincere desire to be part of such an important day in our life, in which our hearts will become one.


Love is not just a word, it’s what comes from the heart, it means to give life for another and share it with someone you love. So we want to strengthen this feeling through the sacrament of marriage. Witness our eternal love, see you at our wedding.



We, {Bride’s Name} and {Groom’s Name} request the honour of your presence at our marriage on {Date and Time}, at {Address}


Please celebrate with us the freshness of New Life and New Love as We {Bride’s Name} and {Groom’s Name} exchange wedding vows on {Weekday}, {The Day Of Month} {Year} at {Time} {Address}.


Friends forever we will be whether walking on the beach or sailing on the sea, please be our guest as we,
{Bride’s Name} And {Groom’s Name} join together on {Weekday}, {Month}, At {Time} {Address}


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