How to ensure Bulk SMS delivery to MTN, GLO, AIRTEL and 9MOBILE

How to ensure delivery?


I thought I would just type my sms and send.


In a perfect world, it should work that way but that’s not the case.


There are some nuances about sending bulk sms from a bulk sms site that you should know about.


In this article, We would show you how to ensure your bulk sms delivers to MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9mobile and every other network.


So let’s get started



You can find out what DND(Do Not Disturb) means here and the DND deactivation codes. DND effectively silences notification from bulk sms sites. So if you have it active on your line or your recipients have theirs active, your text messages won’t deliver.


Using a phone number as the Sender

Some users have been abusing the use of bulk sms services by impersonation, for instance using someone else’s phone number and reserved numbers/short codes as sender. As a result of this, many GSM operators, have put up a filtering systems that prevent such messages from delivering.


Using Bank Names, Prominent Brands, Politicians and Celebrity as Sender

Like stated above, to prevent abuse such messages won’t deliver. These organizations are licensed ONLY by the authorities to send bulk sms, not through individual bulk sms users. If your name happens to be a politician’s name, we suggest you abbreviate or find a way around


Sender IDs containing numbers

Avoid having numbers as part of your sender id. It is advisable to use non numeric senders.


Spam words

GSM operators block messages containing suspicious content like Congratulations, Win, Won, Promo, Million, Yellow, Wow etc. Avoid them.


Phone Numbers In Messages

This specifically applies to GLO. For some reason they don’t deliver messages containing phone numbers. You can try breaking up the numbers 0816 452 5711 or 0816.452.5711 test with different combinations before sending to your recipients.


Some other reasons include network issues, recipient’s inbox full or phone switched off, recipient not in a network coverage area, phone issues etc


Hope this explains why messages may not be delivered to the recipients.


PS: Please always test by sending to your phone number before sending to your recipients as these messages are charged per submission, meaning we get charged once your message is pushed to the network operators whether delivered or not with the exception of DND affected messages

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