Understanding NCC DND (DO NOT DISTURB) Policy

The new  NCC  Do Not Disturb (DND) policy has taken effect. MTN has automatically subscribed many users to the DND service. This means many of your MTN recipients will not be able to get your messages because DND has been activated on their lines. Unfortunately, many of the MTN users are not aware that their lines have been activated for DND. Therefore, it is necessary for you to orientate your users about their DND status.

With the DND facility, you can automatically ignore or block annoying or unwanted calls and SMS. DND effectively silences  notifications from bulk sms websites.

The action was taken in order to protect subscribers from the pains of unsolicited texts messages, which was described as a direct regulatory response to their yearning.

To Deactivate DND on your phone, 
Send ‘HELP‘ to 2442

Please note that whenever DND is active on a line, the line will not be able to receive any message sent through a bulk sms platform.

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