Bulk SMS for Exam Success Wishes

Exam preparations can be really overwhelming, and you never can tell what a well thought out success wish can do for the students. It could go a long way to ease off the tension and also encourage them. With bulk SMS, you can get out success wishes during  examination period to all members of your association. The first thing is to get a phone number database of all the students in your association, which isn’t a difficult thing to do.


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You have to possess the phone numbers of the students which can be gotten from the class representative of each level. Also, during  payment of departmental dues, a list can be provided where students can input their phone numbers, or from the list generated by the departmental associations. After acquiring the lists, compile the lists from the various departments on excel sheet

Login to your account,  on the compose page you can save the contacts to your address book . This will let you make use of them again in the future. Compose an inspiring exam success wishes. Then, send it to the contacts on your address book  .

With bulk SMS, you can get yourself closer to your association’s members, and that success wish might just be what they need to excel in that examination.

Hope this is helpful.

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