Bulk sms and wedding planning

Your perfect wedding starts with an immaculate invitation . We expect the ideal  wedding invitation to be  convenient and informative as well.

It can be said that wedding invitation SMS represents or it compliments invitation cards. On every wedding invitation cards, there are details concerning the event and the couple involved, anyone reading it can tell who they are, when and where the event is taking place.

In the case of using bulk SMS, not every detail included on an invitation card can be in a text message. But you can still create an informative message using a unique sender ID message for your wedding invitation.

Asides from the invitation for the overall success of the day, there must be efficient communication. How is this achieved? by communicating using bulk sms.  It is faster and cheaper.

The bride can update and remind her maids on new developments, not only with the bride and her maids it also applies to committee of friends, family,  well wishers and loved ones.  You don’t have to spend on phone calls, you can give  them updates and remind them with bulk SMS,  and also send out appreciation SMS after the ceremony.


Bulk SMS makes communication very easy. Simple and short

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