Smsgator supports sending customized/personalized bulk sms. The sms is customized for each recipient. Placeholders are used inplace of the actual data and are replaced by Smsgator prior to sending sms.

Sending customized sms is pretty easy and straight forward.

Lets say you are a teacher and about to send personalized sms to the students or their parents. Simply prepare your excel document like shown below


Click on the ‘Send Personalized SMS’ link on the ‘Compose’ page.

Select the excel file from your computer then click the upload button.

File Upload

Select the column containg the GSM numbers.

Enter your message using the column names as placeholders.

Example: Dear {0} {1}, Your Post-Utme scores are as follows: English: {4}, Maths: {3}, Physics: {5}, Chemistry: {6}, Biology: {7}. Visit our website for more information.

The placeholder will be replaced for each sms like so

Dear Ahmed Gambo, Your Post-Utme scores are as follows: Englis: 60, Maths: 75, Physics: 80, Chemistry: 70, Biology: 90. Visit our website for more information.

How to send customized bulk sms
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